"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."

Apr 24

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don’t love a broken man because he will break you.
don’t love a broken man because you think you can fix him, you can’t.
don’t give everything you have to a broken man, he will take it all and leave you empty as if that’s how he found you.
don’t fall for a man who is broken.
he will watch…


we sat under a pitch black sky soon to be illuminated by fireworks. sitting close enough that the heat radiating between our bodies felt like holding your finger too close to the flame. stealing kisses with mouths hiding smiles like hard to keep secrets. the air around us thick with the smell of cotton candy and the distant sounds of children’s joyful squeals. watching old couples, both of us secretly hoping that one day we’ll be them.

paradise 12


protect those who complete disney duets with you at all costs

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you’re home early


you’re home early

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